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We just want to make stuff. That is the impetus for the Seedhouse. The start of Able.

We literally, and figuratively, started by planting one seed. That one seed turns into many. As we grow the Seedhouse, we’ll also be growing new markets, growing our farmer networks, and growing a local business.

We work with Minnesota small grain farmers to source our seeds, bring them into the Seedhouse, malt them on premise in our half-ton malting system, and try to make limited, small production beers with that malt.  



Able Seedhouse and Brewery.

It's important to us that we recognize our place in the natural world. We use 'outside.' We bike, we paddle, we camp, we ski, we backpack - we're out there. The more we use it, the more we want to protect it. We try to make decisions as a company to try to protect and to advocate for natural places, and to minimize our impact on Mother Earth.



We're located in the Arts District of Northeast Minneapolis, on purpose. We value art. We value artists. We program constantly to support art and local artists - in the taproom, in our packaging, and outside the four walls of Able. The local artist community literally built our taproom, from the lights, to the tables, to the graphics, to the glassware, flyers, etc. Every new, curious idea we have here tries to answer the question - does this idea support art?


Able Seedhouse and Brewery.

Our vibrant community in Northeast Minneapolis is full of artists, chefs, brewers, entrepreneurs, families, and fine human beings. We exist to play a small additive role in our community. We employ from our own community, we share a physical space with our community, and in turn, our small footprint here in Northeast Minneapolis becomes a small expression of our community, of our neighborhood, and of our fine humans who live and work here.


We like doing stuff. We like making things. Why not do stuff and make things together?
If you’re a beer maker and want to do things together, hit us up at

Able Brewing and Bent Paddle
Able Brewing and Drekker
Able Beer and Solemn Oath